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Empowering Aspiring School Founders for Success

LaunchPad guides aspiring and experienced education leaders through the process of proposing, opening, and sustaining innovative new schools.

Application Support

Personalized guidance and resources to support aspiring school founders throughout the process of proposing and opening innovative school models.


Long-term support to ensure new school models gain approval and are positioned for lasting success.

360 Collaboration

Partnerships intentionally designed to bridge the gap between aspiring school leaders and key decision-makers across diverse school systems and contexts.

Bridging the Gap

LaunchPad was created to bridge the gap between prospective school founders and school system decision-makers. We aim to address what NACSA (2019) found to be “inequitable access to the resources and support,” which can contribute to new school proposals being rejected at higher rates and a lack of ongoing support once schools open.

By fostering collaboration and demystifying the process, LaunchPad empowers a diverse range of aspiring school founders to bring their visions to life.

This program is currently in pilot with select charter authorizers.

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A LeveragED Innovation

At LeveragED, we strive for a future where all school communities have access to the best educational experiences and outcomes. The LeveragED LaunchPad is dedicated to investing in the next generation of school leaders, connecting them with key stakeholders, and amplifying proven strategies for sustaining successful schools.

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