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We strive for a future where all school communities have
access to the best educational experiences and outcomes.

Our mission is to invest in the success of education leaders because we believe that they can accelerate the growth of thriving school systems that transform entire communities. We aspire to fulfill our vision and mission by: 

Who We Are & What We Do

Who We Are & What We Do

Working shoulder-to-shoulder with school systems leaders and their teams has been the focus of our work from the beginning. We are inspired by a shared vision: empowering leaders to develop and refine their strategic vision, grow organizational capacity, and optimize what leads to the best possible outcomes and experiences for all students. 

Direct School Systems Support

Examples of our work with school leadership teams nationwide include: 

Developing Clear & Equitable Leadership Pipeline Strategies

  • Supporting leadership teams in setting their vision and leadership goals

  • Interviewing current and aspiring leaders to identify challenges and opportunities

  • Creating practical performance management systems aligned to organizational vision

  • Developing professional learning experiences

  • Providing support for communicating strategy, leading change during rollout, and continued coaching during implementation

Creating Instructional 

Management Systems

  • Understanding challenges and opportunities 

  • Supporting leaders in setting vision and goals for instruction and student outcomes

  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities

  • Auditing instructional systems and professional development systems

  • Aligning systems to vision and goals

  • Developing professional learning resources

  • Partnering to support planning, strategy, communications, and leading change

Codifying & Amplifying 

What’s Working in Education

  • Partnering with leaders and school-based experts to capture innovative ideas

  • Interviewing stakeholders to understand multiple perspectives and impact

  • Researching how to make implementation possible in other contexts

  • Translating nuances of the approach, language, and culture for many contexts

  • Sharing and attributing ideas, models, and practices with schools across the country

Developing Aligned Rubrics

that Communicate

Organizational Excellence

  • Creating practical school health systems aligned with organizational vision and goals

  • Developing an aligned rubric that communicates organizational excellence 

  • Creating project plans with communications, self-assessments, walkthrough guides, and implementation strategies

  • Co-leading school health assessments, facilitating feedback discussions, and delivering concise and practical next steps 

Bringing Leaders Together

In the spring of 2020, when COVID hit and schools were shuttered, we launched a series of virtual group discussions for education leaders around the country. We offered these interactive experiences to workshop issues and share expertise with each other. These “Think Tank” opportunities provided a key connection point for leaders to develop new and ongoing professional relationships that extended beyond the collective learning experiences. We were thrilled by the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received from leaders about how working together and leveraging each other’s strengths pushed their thinking and changed their practice. We continued to expand and vary these virtual professional enrichment opportunities on a regular basis to form deeper connections among a community of values-aligned educators committed to mutual professional development.


In the summer of 2022, we piloted a more structured approach to this work of convening education leaders. We are extremely grateful for the dozens of leaders who participated and gave us the feedback that enabled us to create an online platform to virtually maintain resources and courses, host interactive cohorts and events, and support an ongoing dialogue of education leaders across the country.  

The LeveragED Collective

In January of 2023, we launched the LeveragED Collective, a growing community of education leaders committed to a better future for themselves and their communities. The opportunity for connection and professional growth builds upon our work with leaders, with an emphasis on sustaining resilient leaders and their contributions to the field. 


Given the challenges of recruiting and retaining talent at this moment, we believe now is the time to utilize research on wellness, success, and longevity in leadership roles, create opportunities from challenges, and amplify what is working in education.


We are building an organization in which talented education leaders can make significant contributions while feeling welcomed, included and valued. We recognize the power of diversity based on each individual's identity, background, and lived experiences, and honor the way they contribute to the field. We are diverse by design, and bring together leaders who might never have found themselves in the same room or at the same table.


If you are invested in broadening your network, engaging in leadership development, committed to representation, access, and inclusion, and wish to contribute by sharing your ideas, expertise, and experiences to support other education leaders, connect with us. We are particularly committed to attracting individuals under-represented in education leadership and those who serve historically under-resourced communities. To be considered, individuals must currently hold formal leadership positions in school districts, education organizations, governance or policy organizations, higher education, or philanthropy.

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