We strive for a future where all school communities have access to the best educational experiences and outcomes.



We explore what works, in what contexts, and why.



We dedicate expertise, resources, and funding to grow and sustain your ideas.



We spread innovative ideas and practices to impact education beyond our partnerships.

At the Leadership Level 

We partner with school districts and networks at the leadership level and focus on developing managerial capacity to generate high-leverage impact across entire organizations.

In Context

We meet schools where they are, tap into what makes each school network unique, and support them within their context to develop strong systems and structures that lead to lasting change.

To Support Learning Culture

We help build and sustain strong learning cultures with a high bar for experiences and outcomes within our partner schools, then curate and spread those ideas so that other networks benefit.

Interested in our vision to ensure that all school communities have access to the best educational experiences and outcomes?

Because we believe it takes more than a few smart, practical ideas to address the underlying causes of educational challenges, we are exploring many opportunities that drive success in schools and implementing programs to address sustainability in leadership through ongoing professional enrichment.

We bring leaders from different school systems across the country together to discuss big ideas and opportunities, solve problems, and think differently about the work of running excellent schools.

If you are interested in connecting, collaborating, and learning with other deeply committed and engaged leaders, we are interested in you.


Our Approach

We're proud to support our

partners and their impact.