We strive for a future where all school communities have
access to the best educational experiences and outcomes.

The LeveragED Foundation invests in educational leaders because we believe that with support, they can grow and sustain their careers, cultivate thriving school communities, and further contribute to the prosperity of the broader community.


We do three things in alignment with our mission, vision, values and goals:

We invest in educational leadership by providing open access to experiences and resources intended to inspire leaders to grow and sustain themselves and their thriving school communities.


Invest in the success of educational leadership


We connect education leaders by cultivating professional networks of diverse educators and connecting them to each other through interactive, enriching professional gatherings.


Connect education leaders to each other


We amplify and extend brilliant ideas by elevating and supporting the voices, ideas, unique experiences, expertise, and collective learnings of education leaders for the benefit of all.


Amplify and extend brilliant ideas

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Examples of How We Work

Classroom Lecture


In collaboration with the leadership team of school networks, we bring capacity and expertise to develop clear and equitable leadership pipeline strategies. We conduct dozens of stakeholder interviews and focus groups with current and aspiring leaders to identify challenges and opportunities, support leadership teams in setting their vision and leadership goals, develop professional learning experiences to support those goals, and create practical performance management systems aligned to the vision and goals. Our partnerships result in thorough plans and ongoing support for communicating strategy, leading change during rollout, and continued coaching during implementation. 



We actively connect people in our networks through the power of cohorts and group learning. In the spring of 2020, we launched a series of virtual group discussions for education leaders around the country, and continue to offer these interactive experiences to workshop issues and share expertise with each other. These opportunities provide a key connection point for leaders to develop new and ongoing professional relationships that extend beyond the collective learning experiences. We are thrilled by the overwhelmingly positive feedback we have received from leaders about how working together and leveraging each other’s strengths has pushed their thinking and changed their practice. We continue to expand and vary these professional enrichment opportunities on a regular basis to form deeper connections among a community of values-aligned educators committed to mutual professional development.

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Through our codification work, we partner with education leaders and school-based experts to capture their innovative ideas and school models. We ask questions and listen to a wide range of stakeholders to get a broad and deep sense of the essentials while researching options for making their thinking visible and implementable in other contexts. By collecting the nuances of their approach, language, and culture, we help schools build internal capacity, and then share and attribute the ideas, models and practices more widely with other schools across the country. We take what we learn and design a solution to organize and deliver strategies, resources, and professional learning experiences for our partner and for other schools that want to adopt or incorporate the innovations. Our work serves as a foundation for a continuous cycle of innovating models and practices among school leaders who are doing amazing work. We are proud to elevate, attribute, and support their voices, ideas, unique experiences, and expertise.

Office Hours

We offer open office hours because we value the work of education leaders and believe constructive feedback supports and improves outcomes for students and school teams. 


Do you need a thought partner to help you with your plans? Feedback on how to turn your strategic priorities into concrete goals?


Engage in a personalized, collaborative experience that focuses on your agenda with the LeveragED team. Please include the topic you’d like to discuss and link any relevant supporting documents in the calendar description. 


Our Impact







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Interested in our vision to ensure that all school communities have access to the best educational experiences and outcomes? Because we believe it takes more than a few smart, practical ideas to address the underlying causes of educational challenges, we explore opportunities that drive success in schools and implement programs to address sustainability in leadership through ongoing professional enrichment.


We bring leaders from different school systems across the country together to discuss big ideas and opportunities, solve problems, and think differently about the work of running excellent schools.


If you are interested in connecting, collaborating, and learning with other deeply committed and engaged leaders, we are interested in you.

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